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[12]  The number of S&E doctoral degrees earned by Chinese students within Chinese universities continued to increase throughout the decade, from 1,069 in 1990 to 8,153 in 2001 (National Science Board 2002 and China's National Research Center for Science and Technology for Development, special tabulations, 2003).

[13]  A current science and technology policy debate in Taiwan is focused on whether to encourage more Taiwanese to study at U.S. universities for the subsequent benefits of networking between Taiwanese and U.S. scientists and engineers.

[14]  Increasing employment opportunities in IT and software engineering (in the United States and India) may have lessened the incentive for completing a doctoral degree in these fields.

[15]  Germany is also the top country of origin of foreign doctoral degree recipients at U.K. universities (National Science Board 2002). German doctoral programs are long, and students may prefer the shorter U.K. and U.S. degree programs.

[16]  The Mexican government's scholarship-loan programs erase the debt for those who enter public research universities on their return from over-seas study (National Council for Science and Technology 2001).


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